Future Horizons

Note: We are disappointed to announce that the conference has been postponed. We anticipate making an announcement for a new conference date in the near future.

A conference discussing Canadian literature, public discourse & digital culture.

Taylor Conference, McMaster University, Hamilton
May 28 & 29, 2020

Conference Program

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Keynote Speakers

About the Organizers

Future Horizons is a free, two-day conference that will consider the changing relationship between Canadian literature and public discourse.

The conference will bring together artists, scholars, public intellectuals, literary and cultural critics, and the public to reflect on the content and forms of contemporary Canadian literature and Canadian public discourse. We invite scholarly, creative, and interdisciplinary presentations that address the following questions:

  • How does the history of CanLit inform the current relationship between literary and public discourses?
  • How have historically underrepresented peoples used—and how are they using—creative practices to
    create alternative public spaces?
  • What challenges do diasporic and Indigenous communities bring to liberal notions of the public
  • How does neoliberalism influence the relationship between public discourse and literary culture?
  • How does social media transform how we speak about and understand identity, citizenship, and
  • How does technology mediate public conversations about race, Indigeneity, sexuality, and gender?
  • What vision of the humanities, and of the human, are evoked by a critical digital humanities?
  • What might a digital public poetics look like?
  • What does it mean to speak publicly or act as a public intellectual in an age of surveillance and
  • How do Canadian readers, writers, and critics engage in public criticism today?

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